The Beginning and the End Series

Welcome to our website! We are thrilled to have you join us on an engaging journey of faith as we explore the Bible. Led by Pastor Rick Brown, we are starting a new series called “The Beginning and The End” where we will study the Books of Genesis and Revelation verse by verse and chapter by chapter. Join us on this exciting adventure by tuning in to the live stream on every Saturday at 6 pm (PST) and following along with Rick as he teaches the series. You can also find Rick’s sermons on this page.


As we journey through the beginning and the end of the Bible, we encourage you to reflect on what these thought-provoking insights teach us about the origins of the world and the end times and how we can apply these lessons to our daily lives. What better way to grow in your faith and deepen your understanding of the Bible than to join us on this journey? So, grab your Bible, mark your calendars, and join our community on this incredible journey through “The Beginning and The End” with Pastor Rick Brown.

In the Beginning | Genesis 1:1-31

3/4/2023 ♦ Rick Brown


The 7th Day of Rest | Genesis 2:1-6

3/11/2023 ♦ Rick Brown


How to Get a Life | Genesis 2:7-25

3/18/2023 ♦ Rick Brown


The Seduction of Sin | Genesis 3:1-24

4/1/2023 ♦ Rick Brown


The First Dysfunctional Family| Genesis 4:1-26

4/15/2023 ♦ Rick Brown


The Circle of Life | Genesis 5:1-32

5/13/2023 ♦ Rick Brown