Special Series: Bible Q&A

Understanding the Trinity Audio Video
Bible Q & A Audio Video
Bible Q & A Audio Video
Bible Q & A Audio Video
Does Christianity have any particular view on cremation vs burial, is one preferred?
Jesus healed demon-posessed people, are there any around today and what is the biblical way to get rid of them?
Adam and Eve had two sons, where did their wives come from? Does 2 John apply to Catholics and should we not ‘welcome them’ in our home?
The Bible says homosexuality is a sin, how can we deal with that in our modern world?
How do we know if someone prophesies from God or Satan (Like Phillip’s daughter in Acts)?
The Bible says to forgive others, but I am having trouble forgiving a sin from 15 years, how can I let go and forgive?
Bible Q & A Audio Video
Are there more than 10 commandments?
Would we consider doing “Discovering the Difference” with other religions?
How do we know when the different books were written?
Why do we have so many decorations in the church?
Do any prophetic events have to take place before Jesus returns?
Why did Jesus take 2 times to heal the blind man in Mark 8:22-25?
Where are the souls of those who died before Jesus came?
When should we have communion?
What is a Christian’s environmental obligation?
When is the sabbath?
Why is blasphemy the only unforgivable sin?
Should we be storing up supplies and food?
People insist the sabbath is on Saturday, what does the Bible say?
Bible Q & A Audio Video
How do we know if the law in the Old Testament is still true (specifically, Leviticus 19:28 about tattoos)?
What is it when people see dead relatives while on their deathbed?
What does it mean to sin against your body by sexual immorality, like 1 Corinthians 6:18? How can I deal with the negative impression I get of God from the Old Testament?
Why is praying in tongues so important and are my prayers less special?
How do you know that the Bible is true and how can you support it’s truth outside of the Bible?
How can we explain the heart of our outreach to Mormons and witness without them being offended?
Deuteronomy 14:22-15:06 | “God’s Different People with Q & A” Audio Video
Pastor Rick answers some questions from the congregation, then gives a sermon on Deuteronomy.
How does God discipline us and is it proof that we are His or does he discipline everyone?
Who built the ark and wrote on the tablets based on seemingly contradictory verses in the Old Testament?
How does tongues & interpretation work, is it random and can we have a demonstration again?
Is it possible to speak in tongues whenever you want?
I struggle with assurance, how can I be sure I am not a ‘false convert’?
Bishop’s Story with Q & A Audio Video
Former LDS Bishop Earl Erskine answers questions along with Pastor Rick Brown. What made you [Earl] want to share your story and start the “Ex-Mormon Files”?
Are you concerned about what the LDS church will say about you?
Do you ever feel you are doing the wrong thing and if so, why?
Do you still live by your ward and if so, do you minister to them?
What was the hardest part about leaving the LDS church and what was the most fulfilling?
Do you ever experience spiritual attacks when witnessing to mormons and do you have any advice?
How do mormons react when you tell them your story?
Are there any good books you recommend that explain the falsities of mormonism?
How important is ex-communication and how can one get their records removed?
How does one get out of the temple marriage if divorced from a former LDS person?
People are taught to fast and pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, why do some get receive such a strong revelation?
How do we prevent our family from baptizing us into the LDS church after we die?
Are there “tells” of someone being a mormon?
Does wearing a cross necklace say “I am NOT mormon”?
Do those in top mormon leadership know the truth?
Is Mormanism Christianity – are mormons christians?
Is the morman church a cult?
Why is it so important for the LDS church to announce the number of members and do they count dead people?
Can you describe the temple ceremony, are there secret handshakes, what are the secret garments, what is the significance of the temple?